London Sales Beauty Philippines, building a PUSH (Positive – Unique – Self growth – Hardworking) community to share core values together.

The Philippines's beauty industry is evolving into a flourishing skincare market with a modern retail landscape of mixed local and international brands, sold both at local community stores and more importantly high-end shopping malls, thanks to London Sales Philippines, a company that offers top-notch career momentum across multiple luxurious and high-end skincare brands that made waves both in global and local beauty scenes. 

LS Beauty PH had proudly welcomed its community, shedding light on more than a hundred exclusive and luxurious malls all over the Metro.

A place not only to discover eye-opening beauty-related careers but also making way as your second home where you can elevate your success, your professional growth while enjoying and having fun with your colleagues at our thematic events.

With our goal to grow our manpower rapidly, best hope that you are as excited as we are for this game-changing streak to your profession making every team member in the community is motivated to always keep positive minds, have fun and dare to be different, embrace change and diversity. We are encouraged to shape a better future and set a higher goal for what we do. As a team member at London Sales, you will be part of our young and dynamic international working environment in which you will be inspired to thrive!