Kedma Premium Royalty set


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Royalty Family Set, including Royalty Facial Sauna Mask, Royalty Firming Cream, and Royalty Active Serum.

Royalty Active Serum - After cleansing, massage onto the face and neck in circular movements. Allow it to absorb before applying Kedma Firming Cream. Use daily.

Royalty Firming Cream - Apply to the face each morning following the Kedma Royalty Active Serum.

Royalty Facial Sauna Mask - Once a week spread a generous amount of this unique mask over clean and dry face and neck. You will feel the heat after 6 seconds. Leave for three minutes and rinse with warm water.

Please find the ingredient list for each product on the product page:

Royalty Active Serum
Royalty Firming Cream
Royalty Facial Sauna Mask